Welcome to Organic Growth Fitness!

My name is Sarah Ottino and I am a 2016 University of Delaware graduate. I have always had a passion for wellness and am grateful to have had the wonderful experience of teaching yoga during all 4 years of college. After moving to Baltimore, I struggled to find an affordable gym membership, physical trainer, and overall nutrition plan. I looked into $80/month gyms, $300/month meal plans, and much more. But it hurt my heart (and my bank account) to spend my time in a sub-par gym and rely on premade products, unnecessary powders, unnatural snack bars, and more plastic packaging than I could ever justify. So I began exercising, educating, and experimenting at my local grocery store by myself.

Organic Growth Fitness came about when I was doing an at-home workout plan. I had to pause the video halfway through because the trainer began using weights and equipment that I did not have readily available. Then they began advertising the expensive powders and shakes they had for sale on their website. I was frustrated with the overall experience, as this had been the 6th online fitness website I signed up for. I shut my computer down and made up my own workout routine instead, which then led to the creation of OGF.

There are tons of workout, fitness, health, and nutrition plans out there. I believe that everyone has the capabilities and access to the education to become knowledgeable and healthy without having expensive products, meal plans, or memberships pushed on you. That's why we keep our membership costs so low. The recipes and videos found through your OGF membership are created, tried, tested, and trusted by yours truly. The educational articles contain information I truly believe in from trusted sources, which will help eliminate a lot of the noise that is currently in the wellness industry. I am currently in the process of receiving my Action Personal Trainer Certification (an NCAA accredited program) in order to further my personal education. My goal is to share my knowledge and experiences with those out there who are looking to grow their bodies naturally, all while making a positive impact on our planet.


Most business school students have heard the phrase "Organic Growth" in their classrooms, which usually doesn't refer to a way of living. According to Investopedia, the phrase "organic growth" can be defined as "the growth rate a company can achieve by increasing output and enhancing sales internally" and to "maximize growth from within". I loved that phrase because I believe the same rules can apply to our bodies and minds. You get out what you put in, and you see different results depending on how invested you are in the process. So that is my goal: to help others grow organically, without any unnecessary products, weights, or equipment in the most natural way possible, while also growing this business organically. 

~ Sarah Ottino, Organic Growth Fitness Founder