A less expensive alternative to a costly gym membership.


Organic Growth Fitness is all about utilizing the flexibility of your daily schedule in order to pursue a better you. The daily fitness calendar offers 15-30 minute classes focusing on a new muscle group every day. The classes include a variety of cardio, calisthenics, pilates, and strength training, where the only equipment you need is a digital device and a yoga mat. The purpose of joining this program is not only to look better, but to feel better.

A fitness program that is not only good for you,

but good for our planet. 


We donate 10% of all proceeds to a different environmental organization every year,  such as One Tree Planted, Rainforest Alliance, Oceana, WWF, and more .

Monthly Plan


Annual Plan


Save $20!


~ A calendar with a new class every day

~ Live workout classes by our founder Sarah Ottino

~ New healthy and easy-to-follow recipes

~ Educational articles and wellness advice

~ Thought-provoking motivational videos

~ An entry into a monthly prize drawing

~ An easy-to-use mobile version

~10% of all proceeds donated to a different environmental organization each year

Can't force yourself to get to the gym?

For some reason, there are no good gyms in Baltimore City. And the gyms that are satisfactory are expensive! As a recent college grad, I couldn't afford an $80/month gym membership or elaborate online program, let alone a personal trainer. This forced me to join Planet Fitness for only $10/month. A good bang for your buck. But physically leaving the house to fight traffic, find and pay for parking, then wait for the right machines made it a whole ordeal, so I rarely hit the gym. I was not getting the results I wanted.

That's how Organic Growth Fitness was born! I wanted to create a program that can be done in the comfort of your own home or location of your choosing, without having to deal with the stress of finding (or going to) the perfect gym or the stress on your bank account. OGF classes easily fit into your busy schedule and can be done before work, in between Netflix episodes, at the beach, or while dinner is in the oven.

Learn to eat healthy without spending hundreds of dollars on a nutrition plan.


Learn how to cook for yourself instead of relying on prepackaged meals, unnecessary bars,

or protein shakes full of additives. Discover new healthy recipes such as Thai Lettuce Wraps,

Cilantro Bean Burgers, and Coconut Key Lime Pie. New recipes are added daily.




By joining the OGF Wellness program, you can start

on the road to getting the body you deserve. Our 15-30 minute classes are tailored to weight loss, burning calories, and toning lean muscle, which can be done at the time and place of your own choosing, all without any expensive equipment. Gain access to my personally created recipes, nutrition advice, daily workouts, live classes, and more.

Questions, comments, or concerns? Don't hesitate to reach out!

We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.